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The waves are choppy in the morning, and sometimes in the evening as well
then the boat rocks back and forth badumbadum, and sometimes people fall in

Die Wellen sind am Morgen stuermisch, und manchmal auch am Abend
dann schaukelt’s Boot hin und her, und manchmal fallen Leute rein


The first stanza is sung in correct German:

Drei Chinesen mit dem Kontrabass
saßen auf der Straße und erzählten sich was.
Da kam die Polizei, fragt: was ist denn das?
Drei Chinesen mit dem Kontrabass.

Three Chinese with a double bass
Sat on the street and chatted.
Along came the police, asks: ‘Now what is this?‘
Three Chinese with a double bass.


In the following stanzas, all vowels are consecutively changed to the following vowels: A, E, I, O, U, Ä, Ö, Ü. For example:

Dra Chanasan mat dam Kantrabass

saßan af dar Straßa and arzahltan sach was.
Da kam da Palaza, a, was ast dann das?

Dra Chanasan mat dam Kantrabass.
Sometimes the game is extended to diphthongs (ai, au and so on). In another variation one of the players announces the next vowel change by shouting `Nochmal!` (Again!), or, rather nachmal, nechmel, etc.